Essay Contest

Yale Scientific Magazine National Essay Competition

Welcome! At the Yale Scientific Magazine, we believe not only in spirit of cutting-edge
science journalism but also in the importance of mentoring young science writers for the
future. Because of this philosophy, we are piloting an exciting new chapter in our outreach
program this fall: the first annual Yale Scientific Magazine National Essay
Competition! This year, we followed the past, present, and future of science at Yale through our
series, “Science Education at Yale.” For the final installment of our series, we would
now like to open the series up to the people who will truly shape the future of science at Yale —
that is, you — and your fellow high school student peers.

The winning essay will be published in the winter issue of the Yale Scientific Magazine, and
runner-up essays will be featured on our website. But it’s not just a basic essay contest: each
writer will have the option of having receiving essay feedback from a writer at the Yale Scientific
before the final deadline to our judges.

Get started by flipping through the tabs for information detailing the guidelines of our contest—
the essay prompts, word count, deadlines, and exactly how we’ll be working with and mentoring
you throughout your writing process. Excited but not sure how to start? Visit this link for some tips on science writing.

Best of luck!


2014 Essay Prompt: “How does bias affect the course of scientific research? Discuss how public and personal bias has hindered and facilitated scientific progress.”



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