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Tag "Molecular Biology"

Fighting Cancer from Within: The emerging immunotherapy paradigm of cancer treatment

Cancer cells are able to avoid destruction by the immune system by expressing a protein that inhibits T-cells. Scientists have now reactivated the immune system in some cancer patients, improved the prognosis of people who had exhausted all other treatment options.

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Rewriting Life: How Changing the Genetic Code Changes Everything Else

A simple code dictates how DNA is translated into proteins in all living things. Scientists have long thought of these translations as universal, but lately, a few exceptions have come to light. Now, researchers at Yale are probing how and why the genetic code might change.

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Reinventing the Human Embryo

New research gives hope for women suffering from Leigh syndrome and other mitochondrial diseases.

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Unsolved Mysteries: The Enigmatic Mechanism of Age-old Antibiotics

Recent studies in the field of microbiology have overturned prior beliefs on the mechanism of action of antibiotics. These findings hold promise for the future development of antibiotic drugs for combatting the rise in superbugs worldwide. But first, the mystery surrounding antibiotics must be solved.

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A Genetic Light Switch: Riboswitches Shed Light on the History of Life

Yale Professor Ronald Breaker is investigating and isolating regulatory mechanisms hidden in sections of RNA previously labeled as “junk.” His study of these mechanisms, called riboswitches, is yielding a better understanding of the evolutionary history of life on earth.

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