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Tag "Science and Society"

Undergraduate Profile: Micah Ziegler PC ’08: “A Man of Sustainable Ambitions”

After graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry and a wealth of academic honors, Micah Ziegler plans to use his skills to develop sustainable technologies and to promote the message of environmental protection.

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The Mind and the Ballot: The Role of Psychology in Elections

We are not rational beings, and it turns out that it subconscious psychological thought, rather than objective reasoning, often dictates which name we mark on the ballot.

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Opinion: Tradition or Political Weapon?

Are claims that Japan’s “scientific permit whaling” a front for the continuation of commercial whaling merely meant to incite public anger and protest?

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That Which We Call a Rose

What’s in a name? The answer is a lot, although it is mostly in the initials. Research at Yale conducted by Joseph Simmons, assistant professor of marketing, indicates that people unconsciously make decisions based on their names. In a paper

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