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Particle Accelerators: Accelerating Our Knowledge of Fundamental Units of Matter

Particle accelerators allow scientists to give small-massed particles, such as protons and electrons, a substantial amount of kinetic energy to collide with targets in order to study subatomic particles.

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Everyday Q&A: How does mobile Internet work?

The invention of mobile internet brings the capabilities of web browsing to people anywhere by connecting mobile devices to existing cellular networks via a Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM) network.

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The Salesman

Seira sagged against the restraints of the pilot’s chair, sucking air into laboring lungs. Her earpiece had been dislodged in the crash. It blinked an angry red and she could faintly hear a woman’s insistent voice.

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Sonic Golf: A Stroke of Genius

Professor of Applied Physics and Physics Robert D. Grober has recently combined his passion for golf and his professional expertise to produce a real-time audio biofeedback device for golfers.

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