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Artificial Cells Boost T Cell Production

In adoptive immunotherapy, a potential new cancer therapy, blood is drawn from the patient and T cells from that blood are proliferated, or expanded, outside the body. The expanded T cells are then re-injected to fight the cancer.

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let-7 miRNA Helps Suppress Lung Tumor Cells

Recently, Dr. Frank Slack, Associate Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, made further breakthroughs working with these miRNA molecules, specifically with the let-7 miRNA and its use as a lung tumor-suppressor.

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Reward Systems Provide Insight into Obesity Epidemic

Dr. Dana Small has probed the relationship between learning and obesity by investigating the reward systems in humans and attempting to understand how these could impact human behavior, such as overeating.

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Crystallizing the Architects of Diversity

Professor Anna M. Pyle recently led a group of researchers who solved the structure of the group II splicing intron, a molecule responsible for diversifying the world’s most ancient organisms.

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