Departmental notes: Physics

Assistant Professor Physics Richard Easther recently received a 5-year National Science Foundation Career Award. Easther’s research focuses on theoretical elementary particles, such as superstring theory and cosmology.

Charles University recently awarded the 2008 Commemorative Medal to Gibbs Professor of Physics Francesco Iachello for his “exceptional contributions to theoretical many-body physics, in particular for continuing illumination of the fundamental role that various types of symmetries play in nature.” The award includes an invitation to deliver a lecture and attend the award ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic this March.

The Leigh Page Prize Lectures will be given by Freeman Dyson from the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University the week of April 13-18. Dyson will be speaking about “Three Myths in the Public Perception of Science.” Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. All lectures will begin at 4:00 in Sloane Physics Lab Room 59, with tea and coffee served beforehand in the third floor lounge.