10/25 News Flash 7: Mouthwashes, oral rinses may inactivate human coronaviruses

Graphic by Tai Michaels.

Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine are examining the effects of mouthwashes on coronavirus viral load in the mouth of infected individuals. They tested various brands of mouthwash, and how each brand interacted with a solution containing strains of coronavirus. Then, they exposed this mixture to cultured human cells. After a few days, they observed the number of human cells that remained alive.

Their results revealed that many of the mouthwashes successfully inactivated more than 99.9% of the virus after 30 seconds of contact time between the viral solution and the mouthwash. If viral load were lowered in the mouth, this can help reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Further research would include clinical trials that determine the effectiveness of mouthwashes in COVID-19 positive patients, and determining the specific ingredients in mouthwash that rendered coronavirus inactivated.