02/22: SCB-2019: A Potential Protein Subunit Vaccine for COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have developed over 64 clinical vaccine candidates. Some of the current leading candidates are mRNA vaccines, which are typically required to be stored at less than –70°C. A collaborative study conducted by research teams from China, Brazil, and Australia focused on developing a protein subunit vaccine candidate called SCB-2019. This vaccine is stable at temperatures of 2–8°C, which allows the SCB-19 vaccine to be more conveniently distributed and stored than mRNA vaccines. The SCB-19 vaccine consists of the protein S-Trimer in two different adjuvants, which are agents added to vaccines to help improve the body’s immune response to them. The SCB-19 vaccine is administered in two doses separated by 21 days, and clinical trial results indicate that both variations of the vaccine are safe and highly effective. Thus, researchers are now pushing for the two SCB-19 adjuvanted vaccine formulations to undergo further clinical development.