03/01: Developing Risk Scores to Predict Severe Outcomes in COVID-19 Patients

The United States has more total COVID-19 deaths and cases than any other country, and these high numbers have led to several hospitals being at full capacity in their intensive care units. Therefore, it is important for doctors to identify risk factors and potential disease severity for every patient. Thus, a collaborative research study was conducted on COVID-19 patients admitted to Mass General Brigham hospitals to create risk models for effectively predicting severe outcomes in COVID-19 patients. The researchers developed the Ventilation In COVID-19 Estimator, or the VICE score, to assess a patient’s need for using a mechanical ventilator. They also introduced the Death In COVID-19 Estimator, or the DICE score, to evaluate a patient’s risk of in-hospital mortality. These risk models can help ensure that hospitals are optimally distributing their resources based on the needs of the COVID-19 patients upon their admission.