Lisa Wu


A Graft that Grows With You: How Grafts Become a Part of Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of disease and death in the U.S, yet patients with faulty arteries are forced to deal with synthetic arterial grafts that degrade slowly, prompting further invasive treatment that costs patients, families, and medical personnel time and money. Ramak Khosravi, MD/PhD candidate at Yale, has come up with a method that she hopes will produce a graft that can seamlessly integrate into human bodies.

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When Noise Becomes a Signal: A Study of Random Motion

The world is filled with chaos: the coffee you drink is a mixture of scattered particles swirling in random motion, ships are thrown to-and-fro by sudden bad weather, and wind blows your bike off course. A recent study demonstrates how this chaos can be reduced into a simple graph that can illustrate when, and how, chaos will strike.

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