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Is Yawning Contagious?

Think about when you are most likely to yawn: maybe when bored in class, anxious about an exam, or getting ready for bed. However, odds

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How is lactaid milk made?

Recently, the undergraduate Yale blog entitled “CrossCampus” uncovered a scandal in one of the undergraduate dining halls: the dining hall was serving expired lactaid milk.

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Undergraduate Researchers

Editor’s Note: This installment is part one of a four part series covering the experiences of scientific researchers at Yale. Next issue, check back for

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Anna Jo Smith

Anna Jo Bodurtha Smith enjoys running, country music, sorority life, and dreaming up ways to improve national pediatric health through social policy. She is anything

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John Bennett Fenn

Some Nobel Laureates say that the research finding that led to their Nobel Prize arose from “a stroke of genius.” John Bennett Fenn, the 2003

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