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How do Indoor Fireworks Work?

“Wow… this ain’t good,” Jack Russell commented, noting his surroundings as they became engulfed by flames. A tragedy unfolded over the next 5 minutes as

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Graduate Students

Scientific research labs throughout Yale probe the frontiers of human knowledge. Graduate students are at the heart of this process. Every day, graduate students perform

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Golf, Scientifically

Professor Robert Grober was a postdoctoral researcher at the AT&T Bell Labs when he first put a sensor on a golf club. That was sixteen

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Akshay Gupta SY ’13

Take a stroll around Saybrook one day and odds are you’ll run into one of its most beloved Saybrugians: Akshay Gupta SY ’13. Although many

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Avoid Boring People

If there is anything Nobel Laureate James D. Watson does not need to worry about, it is boring people. In his autobiography, Avoid Boring People,

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Jerry M. Chow GRD ’10

Quantum computers. When you first hear the term, it sounds like something out of science fiction. But quantum computers are very real for Jerry Chow,

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