Amanda Mei


Science or Science Fiction? Telepathy and Mind Control

By recording the brain signals of one person in India with a computer system, converting them into electrical brain stimulations, and relaying them to recipients in France, one research team developed a noninvasive method of brain-to-brain communication.

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Turned Tortoise: Shell geometry helps tortoises get back on their feet

Turning over is neither easy nor trivial for a belly-up tortoise — lying flipped over on its shell makes the reptile vulnerable to predation, among other hazards. According to a new study conducted at the University of Belgrade, certain types of tortoises may have an advantage in this situation depending on the geometry and size of their shells. In addition, researchers have investigated the evolutionary trade-offs of these ideal shell shapes.

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Mythbusters: The Cam Jansen Effect

Many people wish they had the memory of fictional detective Cam Jansen, who can remember scenes so vividly and so accurately, it is as if she is looking at a photograph. As amazing as this ability is in helping Cam Jansen solve mysteries, evidence suggests that it is not possible in real life.

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