Lionel Jin


The Future of Electronics: Harnessing Nature’s Power of Self-Assembly

Throw a potpourri of transistors into the bathtub, add some soap, and out comes a fully formed nanocomputer. Science fiction? Maybe not. Nanoscientists dream of coaxing electronic components to self-assemble into complex systems. In fact, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have taken a major step towards making self-assembling electronics a reality.

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Earthquakes Rock Connecticut

More than a dozen small earthquakes rocked Plainfield, Connecticut in the first two months of 2015. Seismologists reassure the public that the risk of a damaging earthquake remains low, but emphasize the need for earthquake preparedness.

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When Stem Cells Go Bad

Stem cells can save lives by replacing damaged tissue, yet that process could go terribly wrong, leaving the patient with a tumor instead. A little-known protein variant has the power to predict the outcome, and even suggests explanations for this phenomenon.

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