Madeleine Popofsky


AI vs. Superbugs

Art Courtesy of Madeleine Popofsky. The great irony of recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) is that even as programs have gained capabilities that ten

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Right Idea, Wrong Target?

Art Courtesy of Jungbin (Jaime) Cha. Why do treatments fail? Sometimes there is an issue with the treatment’s target. Other times, the translation from an

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Barnacle Breadcrumbs

Art Courtesy of Kara Tao. It was March 8, 2014—a day like any other—when 239 people took to the skies aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Seeding Robots

Art Courtesy of Kara Tao Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… hundreds of autonomous self-burying seed carriers? These small

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