Mariana Do Carmo


Television Review: Sleepless in America

As workload increases and artificial lights abound, Americans are expected to work around-the-clock, depriving themselves of one of the body’s most vital needs: sleep. The National Geographic documentary Sleepless in America elaborates on the detrimental health consequences provoked by lack of sleep and provides compelling arguments for why we should put in the extra effort to rest at least six to eight hours per night.

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Q&A: What Causes Curly Hair?

Genetics may be the cause of curly hair, but researchers at MIT have just recently explored the physics behind why exactly curly hair acts the way it does.

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Q&A: What Causes Jet Lag?

Hate that feeling you get the first few days after a long plane ride? Researchers have recently discovered a protein that explains why our bodies take so long to adjust to different time zones.

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