Matthew Kegley


Plugging the Hole

Imagine that you flip a coin and measure either heads or tails—easy enough, right? Now, rather than flip, you spin the coin, and you are

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Extracting Metals from E-Waste

Every second, metals that form the components of our day-to-day electronics are thrown out. There are currently no efficient methods for recycling them, yet our

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Q&A: Why is Sleep Important?

Sleep is key to our survival and well-being, but the exact reasons for its existence are unclear. Much research focuses on the synaptic homeostasis hypothesis, a proposed mechanism that balances synaptic growth and shrinkage to prevent brain damage and support learning.

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Tapping Into Sound Waves

From fiber optics to wine glasses, a new discovery from the Yale Department of Applied Physics demonstrates how to increase the lifetime of sound in glass and silica materials.

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Q&A: CO2 Past the Point of No Return?

Climate change has begun, and there’s evidence to prove it. Around the world scientists have recorded atmospheric CO2 above 400 parts per million, a level defined as the ceiling for safe CO2 concentrations.

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