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Going Green: Sustainable Design at Yale

Sustainable design, aimed at minimizing energy consumption, using energy efficiently, maximizing renewable energy production, and reducing carbon emissions, is being applied to buildings at Yale, including the Malone Center and the new Kroon Hall.

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The Puzzle of Autism

One out of every 150 children born is diagnosed with the disorder; among boys, who are four times more likely to have autism, the number rises to one in 94. Currently, 1.5 million Americans are autistic.

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Stress Hormones and Social Rank

Stephanie Anestis (GRAD ’05), a Schwartz Foundation post-doctoral research associate in the Center for Human and Primate Reproductive Ecology, is investigating this stress and hormones in chimpanzees.

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Searching for Dwarf Galaxies

Yale Professor of Astronomy Marla Geha and coauthor Josh Simon have demonstrated the existence of new dwarf galaxies, the smallest yet observed, orbiting the Milky Way.

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