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Measuring Food Security Throughout the World

Despite UN goals to slash world hunger in half by 2015, there exists a dearth of data about which regions and households suffer the most from food insecurity. Yale School of Public Health Professor Rafael Pérez-Escamilla is innovating new, efficient methods to explore household food insecurity and its implications.

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The Experience of Eating

To elucidate the role of the brain in the experience of eating, members of the John B. Pierce Laboratory at the Yale School of Medicine are using the latest neuroimaging techniques to scan the brain for clues on what makes food taste good and why we eat it.

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The Paradox of Dyslexia: Slow Reading, Fast Thinking

A once hidden disability is brought to light by Drs Bennet and Sally Shaywitz of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity. Their research connects IQ, reading level, and cognition in dyslexic and typical students, while looking ahead to broadly applied standardized testing and teaching methods.

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Hunting for Heisenbugs

Yale researchers have created an operating system (OS) called Determinator that can strictly enforce deterministic behavior in parallel computations. Their research may help eliminate the time-dependent bugs and security issues that plague otherwise promising parallel computer systems.

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