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Tracking Tiny Particles: The Neutrino Expert

Bonnie T. Fleming, recently appointed Horace D. Taft Associate Profes­sor of Physics, focuses her research on experimentally defining the fundamen­tal behavior of the tiny elemental particles known as neutrinos.

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Bacterial Kayaking

Hür Köser, Associate Professor of Electrical Engi­neering, came across bacterial hydrodynamics when studying chemotaxis, or the way bacteria direct their motion in response to chemical signals.

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Moving Beyond a Classic Role of MicroRNAs

The 2009 Scaringe Award from the RNA Society was awarded to Shobha Vasudevan, post­doctoral fellow in Joan Steitz’s laboratory, who has discovered a novel role for microRNAs in quiescent frog cells.

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Examining Leaves to Regenerate Rain Forests

The adaptations that trees undergo in different microenvironments are of interest to Mark Ashton, Morris K. Jesup Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, who believes that knowledge of a tree’s leaf plasticity can lend information crucial to regenerating rainforests.

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