Hear and Now: Pioneering Research at the Yale Ear Lab

At the Yale Ear Lab, Dr. Alla Ivanova has not only discovered a link between damaged mitochondria and hearing loss, but also found a way to treat those mitochondria using antioxidants and prevent hearing loss.

Cracking The Code of mRNA Regulation

Yale researchers have developed a technique to decode a heretofore-undeciphered language – that which governs the survival and destruction of our transcriptomes.

When Junk Food Finds Samoans

A new Yale study shows that a changing, modernized diet in the small island state of Samoa is creating significant heath problems for local Samoans.

If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It: Curing Brain Cancer by Preventing DNA Repair

Broken DNA can put us on the path towards fixing cancer. Research by Peter Glazer and Ranjit Bindra of the Yale Cancer Center suggests that carcinogenic mutations most current therapies aim to repair can instead serve as selecting agents for better drug targeting with DNA repair inhibitors.

Study of the Center of the Earth

Scientists may finally be able to model magnetic fields more efficiently in the lab, thanks to the development of eGaIn, a magnetic liquid metal with unprecedentedly high magnetic and conductive properties.

Predicting Human Behavior Using the Brain’s Unique Signature

In a whole-brain connectivity study, Yale researchers have developed a novel predictive model capable of predicting an individual’s behavior based on how their brain is wired.

Printing Power Generators

Researchers at the University of Toronto have designed a technology that could make solar cells more effective and cheaper to produce.

Yale Graduate Challenges Existing Ideas About Ecosystem Models

Plant functional traits are viewed as key to predicting important ecosystem and community properties among biogeographic regions. However, a recent study led by Elisabeth Forrestel GRD ’15 challenges the trait-based approach to predicting ecosystem function by demonstrating that different combinations of functional traits can act to maximize net primary productivity, a community property, in a given environmental setting.

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Life from Within? Organic Materials Stemming from Ceres’ Interior

Life from Within? Organic Materials Stemming from Ceres’ Interior

For hundreds of years, researchers have thought that organic materials reach planets by traveling on asteroids and comets. New data from the Dawn Spacecraft on the dwarf planet Ceres leads to a surprising result: instead of coming from the outside, organics may sometimes come from within.

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