Professor Spotlight: Professor Jim Mayer wins 2018 ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Professor Jim Mayer was recently named one of the winners of the 2018 ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry and has published multiple papers in 2017. His lab focuses on synthesis of new molecules, analysis of their structure and properties, and study of their chemical reactivity.

Yale Startup Hopes to Deploy Pipe-Inspecting Robots

How are robots changing the field of the petroleum refineries? Find out how Yale startup ARIX is making its breaking through in cutting costs and improving safety in the oil and gas industry.

Timing Your Thoughts

A study published in PNAS in August 2017 showed how the mistiming of someone’s thoughts may be linked to a person’s tendency to hold delusional thoughts.

Undergraduate Profile: Alexander Epstein (SY ’18): Peering into the mind of a future leader in science

Yale senior Alex Epstein (SY ’18) discusses how he developed his interest in biology and research, from his childhood experiences at the Museum of Natural History to his research at Yale.

Hot and Cold: Effect of Temperature on Virus Transmission

Local temperatures influence viral infection rates in mosquitos. Yale researchers in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology find a new link between temperature and mosquito and viral genotypes, providing more clues to successfully predict viral outbreaks.

Cayo Santiago: No Monkeying Around

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, researchers are striving to save the unique monkey population near Puerto Rico.

Brilliant Bacteria: Programming Bacteria to Make Materials

Researchers at Duke have used synthetic biology techniques to engineer bacteria to produce a protein capable of constructing an electronic pressure sensor when supplemented with gold nanoparticles. With a variety of future applications, this technology will diversify how we use microorganisms in biophysical systems.

Hermit Crabs: Shift in Mutualism

Hermit crabs are typically associated with occupying molluscan shells. However, a newly discovered species of hermit crab in the Oshima Strait was found inhabiting walking corals; these corals were previously thought to house only sipunculan worms.

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