Phase Shifters: Scientists design proteins for targeted drug delivery

Proteins accomplish some of the most complex biological mechanisms in the human body. They form

Leptospirosis: An Unexpected Source of Global Disease Burden

According to the research of Albert Ko at the Yale School of Medicine, leptospirosis makes

See-through Batteries: A Last Hurdle for Invisible Electronics

A study led by André Taylor, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering at Yale, presents a new method of creating transparent lithium-ion batteries. The development brings science closer than ever before to the realization of invisible electronics.

Mealworms: An Unlikely Solution to Styrofoam Waste

Styrofoam waste is a serious environmental issue that previously had no effective solution. Researchers have recently discovered that mealworms can eat Styrofoam, which presents a promising prospective solution

Portobello Power: Mushrooms make for environmentally friendly batteries

A new type of battery is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, with improved lifetime and performance. The secret to these advantages lies in its anode derived from the skin of a portobello mushroom.

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Last Saturday, high school students enjoyed a full-day science event called Resonance, hosted by Yale Synapse. Scholars watched presentations by Yale professors, partook in a Q&A panel with Scientists, and had fun with hands-on demonstrations! Than...

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Can't wait for the next Yale Scientific Issue? Then check out awesome articles on our blog "The Scope" in the meantime! Featured: "Alzheimer’s Antibody Brings Hope to Patients and Families" yalescientific.org/thescope/2016/10/alzheimers-antibody-brings-hope-to-patients-and-families/ ... See MoreSee Less

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