See-through Batteries: A Last Hurdle for Invisible Electronics

A study led by André Taylor, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering at Yale, presents a new method of creating transparent lithium-ion batteries. The development brings science closer than ever before to the realization of invisible electronics.

Highly Aromatic with a Smooth, Microbial Finish: Yeast S. cerevisiae dictates the nuances of wine

There’s a new reason to say ‘cheers’ to the microbe. For the first time, scientists have experimentally determined that the yeast S. cerevisiae has a significant influence on regional variations in wine flavor and smell.

The Bugs and the Bees: How viruses bridged the gap between bees and butterflies

What eats leaves, transforms into a butterfly, and contains wasp genes in its genome? Discover exactly how the caterpillar became a natural GMO and why modern technology is changing the face of evolutionary research.

Debunking Science: The Martian (2015)

How does science match up with the story of this critically-acclaimed sci-fi film?

Phase Shifters: Scientists design proteins for targeted drug delivery

Proteins accomplish some of the most complex biological mechanisms in the human body. They form

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