Reading Your Annotated Code: Mapping cytosine methylation with Nanopore sequencing

DNA methylation plays an important role in gene expression and cancer, and a new paper in Nature Methods presents a novel method for determining methylation sites using Nanopore sequencing.

Forgetting Cocaine

A new Yale study has found a drug that helps rats block memories associated with cocaine.

Bat Bot Takes Flight

The flight patterns and agility of bats have long fascinated scientists. Now, a team of researchers have created a fully self-contained, autonomous flying robot that weighs 93 grams, called Bat Bot (B2), that mimics the morphological properties of bat wings and has important implications for animal flight analysis.

Chilling Precision: Cooling and trapping molecules with lasers

Researchers at Yale have developed a technique to cool down and levitate molecules in space, enabling new experiments that could revolutionize our understanding of fundamental physics.

It’s Not Just in Your Head

Yale researchers have discovered a method of identifying prenatally damaged neurons that become susceptible to mental disorders after birth.

Spiny Slugs: New fossil discovery sheds light on mollusk evolution

Discovery of a slug-like organism called Calvipilosa, literally meaning “hairy scalp”, leads to new knowledge of what the earliest common ancestor of mollusks would have looked like.

From the Editor: Issue 90.3 “Innovating for the Future”

Where do you see the world in 2030? The progress of the world is inextricably

Lo and Behold: Reveries of a Connected World

What does it mean to live in a world whose technological capabilities are nearly outstripping our comprehension? The new documentary Lo and Behold seeks to find out.

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Harnessing the Sun for Clean Water

Harnessing the Sun for Clean Water

Yale researchers have developed a small-scale, solar-powered water purification system using nanotechnology. The design, created in collaboration with the Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Systems center, is intended to provide clean water in off-grid scenarios, such as rural areas and disaster zones.

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