Comprehending Cooperation in Children

David Rand, assistant professor of psychology, describes cooperation patterns in children, who have thus far been understudied by social psychologists interested in human cooperation.

Rarely do the findings of child development and peace building intersect. Yale researchers are leading a conversation about how interventions targeted to children can create a more peaceful world

From the Editor: Issue 89.1 “Battling OCD in Real Time”

Science can be intimidating. It is fast-paced and unyielding. We are only human. It’s natural

Collective Intelligence: How Insect Swarms Respond to External Stimuli

A team of Yale researchers has demonstrated how a seemingly random insect mating swarm responds to external stimulus through intelligent group fluctuations.

Podcast Review: “Science Vs” Pits Fact Against Fiction

Do not believe everything you hear. In her new podcast, Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman examines some of our widely-held beliefs through the lens of science.

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