Growing a Lung in Culture: New bioreactor system allows crucial oxygen exchange.

A new whole-lung bioreactor system involving the maintenance and delivery of oxygen to the lungs was developed by Yale Professor of Biomedical Engineering Laura Niklason. This system looks to optimize the processes of growing lungs in bioreactors and enables the real-time monitoring of oxygen intake and cell proliferation in the lung.

What Woodpeckers Can Teach Us

A computer program, designed to teach users to differentiate between kinds of woodpeckers, attracted the attention of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for its power to improve teaching technology. Assistant Professor Amin Karbasi has been awarded for his promising research.

The Evolution of Color Linguistics: A Phylogenetic Approach to Color Terms

Evolution applies to more than living organisms. Yale scientists Hannah Haynie and Claire Bowern investigate the evolution of color terms and its implication on linguistics.

Unveiling Venus’ Mysteries with Gravity Waves

The discovery of gravity waves on Venus sheds light on the mysteries of our closest neighbor in the solar system, with surprising implications for both Earth science and astronomy in general.

Finding NoBody, Your Cell’s Secret Housekeeping Protein

This recently discovered microprotein has the ability to remove excess genetic material in cells. Researchers are only beginning to explore its potential.

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Nature’s GPS:  It’s Not As Batty As You Think!

Nature’s GPS: It’s Not As Batty As You Think!

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science used an Epyptian-fruit-bat model to study the brain’s representation of navigation from Point A to Point B. Their work on how the bat brain handles goal-focused navigation could affect how we will one day treat Alzheimer’s.

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