A New Excuse for Playing Video Games?

Imagine if video games were a key to improving learning. Yale psychiatry professor Bruce Wexler

Solid Evidence for Liquid Water on Dione

Data gathered by NASA’s Cassini mission suggests that liquid water is present on Saturn’s Dione, researchers reported in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in October 2016.

Breathe Easy

Wouldn’t it be nice if killing lung cancer cells was as easy as flipping a

Blast to the Past: Mapping Malaria’s Past

An international team of researchers used blood slides from the 1940s to analyze a parasite that causes malaria. Despite the limitations of the sample, the team, led by Carles Lalueza-Fox of Spain, produced genetic data that may provide insights into malaria’s behavior and migratory patterns.

Alumni Profile: Dr. Ralph Greco, M.D. ‘68

Dr. Ralph Greco is a talented Yale alumnus helping to create healthier physicians.

Book Review: I Contain Multitudes

Ed Yong dives headfirst into the complex symbioses microbes have with humans and beyond, how these interactions can help and harm us, and the wonder and beauty of the relationships themselves.

Primary Care May Be Political: Doctors’ political preferences affect treatments prescribed

There is new evidence that suggests that physicians may not be the completely objective people we would like them to be. Yale researchers determined that physician’s political beliefs affects the treatments they prescribe to patients, particularly when faced with politically salient issues.

Perplexing Fossils and Peculiar Forms: Mapping the Tully Monster onto the Tree of Life

Researchers from Yale University and other institutions, headed by Dr. Victoria McCoy, have unearthed the origins of the Tully Monster, a Carboniferous creature with highly unusual morphology.

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