Caroline Ayinon


A Clothing Cool Down

Stanford researchers have engineered a new polyethylene-based textile that is able to keep the body cooler than any currently available fabric.

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Robots with Electronic Skin

A research team at the University of Exeter has developed a new way to produce graphene that could allow for the creation of electronic skin.

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New Species of Hummingbird Discovered in the Bahamas

Through both observational and genetic methods, Teresa Feo in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology has determined that two populations of Bahama hummingbirds, previously believed to belong to the same species, are actually two distinct species.

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Seafloor Like Never Before

Using new satellite technology, scientists found a way to map the ocean floor with never-before-seen details. Now, the public has access to a 3D, interactive map of the seafloor, and scientists have access to a wealth of information that will advance their work in various fields.

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