Christine Xu


A Tale of Ice and Snow

Understanding Cloud Behavior through Computational Modeling On some days during the coldest months of winter, we are greeted by fluffy snow falling from the sky

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Insight into Eyesight: Reawakening Retinal Stem Cells

Dr. Bo Chen and his team of researchers at Yale University have figured out a way to activate the stem cell ability of MGs, a special group of glial cells in the retina. Their discovery could someday help restore eyesight to patients whose retinas have been damaged by disease.

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How to Eavesdrop on a Synapse

The 100 trillion synapses in our brain contain a wealth of information about health and disease in the brain. Scientists at the Yale PET Center have recently developed a novel imaging technique to view synaptic connections in the living brain.

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Science or Science Fiction? Uplifting Animals

Uplifting animals, or endowing animals with near-human intelligence, is a concept that has been explored by science fiction writers and movie producers. But real world scientists are interested, too. New research suggests that genetic and neurological modifications could enhance animals’ intelligence.

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