Genevieve Sertic


Urban Forestry

Turning Over a New Leaf As cities grow larger and denser, the forests within their boundaries become increasingly important. Urban forests provide benefits such as

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Shining Light on the Mystery of Death Valley’s Sailing Stones

The stones scattered throughout a dry, flat lakebed in Death Valley move parallel to each other by a force that has remained a mystery for decades. Researchers from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography have debunked previous theories by seeing first-hand that slow-flowing thin sheets of ice are responsible for the phenomenon.

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Mind-Controlled Prosthetics

Amputees have reported that mind-controlled prosthetics allow them to “feel” their hands for the first time since their amputation. These prosthetics use sophisticated algorithms to relay sensory information to the brain, as well as implanted electrodes in the arm to provide refined, natural movement actuated by the mind of the wearer.

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