Gennifer Tsoi

Paint Drying: A Stressful Process

Members of Professor Eric Dufresne’s laboratory are studying the mechanical forces generated by crawling cells and have related these forces to those generated when paint dries, helping to build a greater understanding of the dynamics of soft materials.

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Robotics in Surgery

Surgeons are increasingly turning toward robotic techniques to aid in procedures that require extreme dexterity and minimal invasiveness.

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The Genius Behind Fall Prevention

Dr. Mary E. Tinetti, recipient of a MacArthur “Genius Grant,” is a prolific researcher-physician whose research has highlighted the risks of falls to the elderly and the benefits of simple preventative measures.

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Natural Birth May Lead to Better Baby Bonding

Yale Child Study Center Assistant Professor James Swain, M.D. recently published an article in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry examining the relationship between a mother’s bond to her baby and the method of delivery at birth.

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