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Sowing the CEIDs for the Next Great Innovations: From Research to Startups at Yale’s Design Factory

The CEID was bustling with activity this summer, as teams of engineering students developed innovative devices to combat real-world problems. One such invention was Acantha, a one-handed catheter delivery system developed by Yale engineering students Brandon Hudik and Andres Ornelas Vargas. This duo is continuing their work beyond their eight-week fellowship at the CEID and plan to scale up the development of their product.

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The Medical Game-Changer

You have just finished watching a great movie on Netflix. However, the night is still young, and you want to watch another movie. But where

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Francis Collins: Guiding the Research Revolution

Alumnus Francis Collins (PhD ’74) initially held little interest for the field of biology. Yet he went on to successfully direct the Human Genome Project, the largest endeavor in genetic research. Collins now serves as Director of the NIH, the largest contributor to medical research in the world.

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