Mary Chukwu


From Farm to Fuel Cell

Using Eggs to Harvest Clean Energy What if the future of renewable energy lies in a good breakfast? While the thought of the most important

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Nano-sized Drills Punch through Disease

Researchers at Rice, Durham, and North Carolina State have developed and tested molecular motors that, upon UV activation, drill holes through cell membranes and kill the targeted cells. Their research has the potential to lead to revolutionary new photodynamic treatments for diseases like cancer.

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Discovering Why the Caged Bird Sings

Researchers led by Professor Richard Carson, Director of the Yale PET Center, have found a link between the hormone corticosterone and stress-related behavior in captured wild birds. The study opens up new questions about how wild animals adapt to captivity and its stresses.

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The Missing Link in Particle Physics

Ongoing research led by Yale Wright Laboratory Director Karsten Heeger seeks to prove or disprove the existence of a fourth form of neutrino–the sterile neutrino. The results would require physicists to rethink the Standard Model of Particle Physics and its assumptions.

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