Matthew Chalkley

Cryogenic IR Spectroscopy

Yale Professor Mark Johnson and his group have developed cryogenic infrared (IR) spectroscopy, which provides excellent resolution of short-lived reaction states.

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A Small Scale Approach to Climate

Rather than looking at climate on global or continental scales, local climate projects such as the Yale Surface Heat Burdge Project analyze much smaller areas, such as cities or states.

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Art Restoration: The Fine Line Between Art and Science

Matthew Chalkley examines the surprisingly and ever-increasingly scientific endeavor of art conservation and restoration. From isotope dating to Raman spectroscopy, art conservators are developing safer and less invasive techniques to restore art to their fullest glory.

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PORTIA: An Integrated Approach to Network Privacy

PORTIA is a one of Yale’s Computer Science Departments major collaborative projects. Involving professors and professionals from across the country in many fields including law and medicine, PORTIA aims to develop new sensitive information handling technology and to create an effective conceptual framework for privacy and ethics of sensitive data.

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Fossil Feathers: the Research of a Genius

Professor Richard Prum, receipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant, has combined fields as diverse as developmental biology and optical physics to study the evolution of feathers, providing a glimpse of the colors of long-extinct species.

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