Payal Marathe

Alumni Profile: Emiko Paul ’91

Emiko Paul came to Yale determined to go to medical school, but graduated wanting to be an artist. She has managed to bring together biology and art, and is now an accomplished medical illustrator running her own company, Echo Medical Media.

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A Whole New World: Scientists discover abundant viruses living under the sea

Only in the past decade have scientists begun exploring the rich underwater world of marine viruses, but they are quickly realizing how diverse and abundant these saltwater microbes really are. Recent findings show that ocean ecosystems are dependent on viruses, while optimistic experts are considering the possibility of using viruses to solve agricultural problems and to treat human diseases.

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Q&A: Why Can’t Humans Fly?

Humans might be superior animals when it comes to matters of intelligence or communication, but one thing we will never be able to do is fly like birds. Mathematical calculations show why our species is destined to be forever land-bound.

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Science: 0-1

In a time when science ingenuity is needed most, science’s popularity is dwindling.

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