Sherwin Yu

Hadapt: Yale Startup

Daniel Abadi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, has started a company called Hadapt to commercialize his research on distributed database systems, aiming to build an adaptive data analysis platform by combining relational databases and MapReduce.

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William Zeng, BK ‘11

William Zeng, BK ’11 was selected as a Rhodes Scholar; he will pursue a Master of Science in mathematics and the foundations of computer science at Oxford in October.

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Cyclones in Global Warming

Recent work by Dr. Christopher Brierley suggests that tropical cyclones could have effects on climate that current models do not account for.

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Mathematical Models of Actin Formation

Thomas Pollard, Sterling Professor and former Chair of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, recently published a review on the use of mathematical modeling and simulations in actin filament dependant processes.

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The Frame-Work of Fractals

Professor Michael Frame researches fractals, including those generated by iterated function systems, and brings his passion for them to the classroom, driven by the beauty of mathematical problem-solving.

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Photons on Demand

Will our near future be characterized by supercomputers and artificial atoms? Dr. Robert Schoelkopf, Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, and Dr. Steven Girvin, Deputy

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