A new reverse transcriptase copies lengthy transcripts Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme that converts an RNA template molecule to DNA. By conserving sequence information and

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The Future of Imaging

Professor Todd Constable has designed a new way of encoding spatial information in magnetic resonance imaging devices, using a radial magnetic field gradient instead of a linear one to drastically decrease the amount of time and data necessary to build a complete MRI image.

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Careers in Science: Patent Law

Patent Attorney Chad Tillman attended law school after graduating with a physics degree, and now works on a daily basis with clients who have dreamed up “a better mousetrap” or other innovative solutions to life’s problems, supporting inventors and their startups.

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Careers in Science: Advertising Psychology

Consumer and advertising psychology essentially seeks to understand how we make choices and what influences our decisions and thus has applications far beyond corporate battles between AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

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Science Museums

Though not the most common career path, working in a science museum can be exceptionally fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

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Your Brain on Food

In several regions of the brain, researchers are discovering new complexities in the ways in which our diet affects our minds and bodies.

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