Nimit Jain, SY ’12

Nimit Jain, a junior in Saybrook College, is the rare student who steps beyond the strict boundaries that academia often constructs. Using an analogy from

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How does a perm work?

The year 2009 marked the 100th anniversary of the permanent wave, also known as the “perm,” which uses protein chemistry to alter the molecular structure of hair.

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Going Green: Sustainable Design at Yale

Sustainable design, aimed at minimizing energy consumption, using energy efficiently, maximizing renewable energy production, and reducing carbon emissions, is being applied to buildings at Yale, including the Malone Center and the new Kroon Hall.

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Searching for Dwarf Galaxies

Yale Professor of Astronomy Marla Geha and coauthor Josh Simon have demonstrated the existence of new dwarf galaxies, the smallest yet observed, orbiting the Milky Way.

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