Patterns in Monsoons: Climate Change or Human Error?

A historical record of monsoon depressions shows that a certain type of monsoon storm is on the decline. Yale postdoctorate fellow Naftali Cohen explores this claim with professor William Boos, providing new insight and revising our understanding of how our climate works.

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Q&A: What Causes Happy Tears?

People have accepted tears of joy as commonplace for years, but Yale postdoctoral associate Oriana Aragón seeks to understand the science behind them.

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Undergraduate Profile: Genevieve Fowler ’16

Throughout her time at Yale, mechanical engineering major Genevieve Fowler ’16 has not only made her technological impact on the engineering world, but has exemplified the spirit of enthusiasm and creativity that is needed to be a successful STEM student.

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Alumni Profile: Matthew Blumberg ’90

A new form of digital philanthropy is using a computer’s unused processing power to help support research on malaria, AIDS and cancer. Yale alum Matthew Blumberg (YC ‘90) is the founder of a nonprofit organization that allows people to volunteer their spare computing power to provide supercomputing resources for scientific research.

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Muscle Builders

Researchers at Duke University have developed a lab-grown model of human skeletal muscle that not only contracts in response to electrical stimuli, but also mimics human muscle in its response to a variety of drugs. The study has important implications for safer preclinical trials.

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