Decrypting Dinosaurs of the East: Uncovering records of eastern North American tyrannosaurs
Colder and Wiser: The impacts of aging on thermoregulation
Birds of a Feather Color Together: Studying the structure of bird feathers could revolutionize engineering
A Shift in the Psychedelic Paradigm: Could shrooms shake up the future of psychiatry?
The Silent Mental Health Threats of COVID-19: Your feelings of paranoia are not all that uncommon
COVID-19 Catch-Up
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Tracking Mercury Pollution

Image courtesy of Flickr. Seafood is tasty, but we are often hesitant to consume it because of the ocean’s high mercury concentration. Increased human activities

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Food Insecurity in Honduras

Image courtesy of Flickr.  When households go hungry, their members experience a range of effects, including stunted growth, a higher risk of developing chronic diseases,

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Ramp to the Photon Highway

Image courtesy of Flickr. It is difficult to vibe on different wavelengths, especially in a quantum regime. In a recent paper published in Nature Communications,

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