Risha Chakraborty


It’s an RNA World Again

Art Courtesy of Luna Aguilar. Ribonucleic acids (RNA) are among the most important molecules in the human body. Early in the evolution of life, RNA

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Right Idea, Wrong Target?

Art Courtesy of Jungbin (Jaime) Cha. Why do treatments fail? Sometimes there is an issue with the treatment’s target. Other times, the translation from an

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Keep An Eye On It

Art Courtesy of Luna Aguilar. What if you suddenly had blurry vision, couldn’t recognize familiar faces, or had difficulty adapting to dimly lit places? This

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On-Demand Membrane Deformation 

Art by Malia Kuo. Scientists learn more about the cell every day. From taking microscopic pictures to performing biochemical tests on pellets of harvested cells,

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Turning Back the Clock

Image Courtesy of Kara Tao. Humanity has been obsessed with ending mortality for millennia. From famous historical conquests to find the Fountain of Youth to

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Electronic Skin

Image courtesy of Charlotte Leakey. Our world is being increasingly defined by a series of ones and zeroes. From the smallest phone gyroscope capable of

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Alumni Profile: Daniel Spielman

A Network Between Fields of Math  With the advent of social media networks like Facebook and Snapchat, our world is increasingly connected and complicated. Understanding

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