From the Editor: Issue 90.2 “Truth in Science”

Science and innovation surround every part of our lives.

From the production of the food you eat to the creation of better phone batteries, innovative design allows us to live better lives. We reap the benefits from new advances in heathcare, whether that’s through a lung grown in culture or a smartwatch that monitors our health. But for all that we pursue, there is so much that we still do not understand.

Journalism is perhaps best defined as the pursuit of truth above all else. That is no different for scientific journalism, where we not only seek to discover new truths about our universe, but to also make it accessible for everyone to understand. We believe that there is beauty in a scientific story, whether that be how the search for exoplanets has now come to depend on fractal structures or how the complex relations between the brain and optogenetics give rise to aggressive behaviors. In these endeavors to discover fundamental truths about the universe, we come to find a better understanding of ourselves. But only through thoughtful communication can we reach that kind of understanding; a beautiful truth shrouded in confusion is no better than nothing at all. Science is dependent on communication, and communication is dependent on science.

Our cover article this issue focuses on the discovery of an entirely new class of proteins called microproteins, tiny pieces of the human body that may allow us to better understand human disease. These kinds of major breakthroughs occur because they stand on the shoulders of giants, of the work that thousands and thousands of scientists have dedicated their lives to. Every article, whether on the evolution of fruit flies tolerance to alcohol, the use of sea sponges to guide engineering design, or the discovery of more complex chemical knots are all firmly based on the same dedication to the truth. We can’t afford to have anything fake in these pages, simply because there is too much innovation at stake.

As our new 2017 masthead takes the reins of the Yale Scientific, we are eager to continue exploring the breakthroughs and discoveries with each of you. Your dedication to seeing honest reporting of the facts energizes and inspires us, leading our publication to continue a tradition of excellence. For all the science and innovation that surrounds us, it’s time for us to understand these breathtaking discoveries even better.