Alex Co

The Impact of Sequestration on the Future of Science Research

As federal agencies endure budget cuts from the March sequestration, funding shortages are taking an early toll on medical research. Scientists who rely on federal research grants are finding it more difficult to continue their research at the quality and efficiency of previous years.

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Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

Bill McKibben’s Eaarth not only strikingly describes the desolate state our planet is currently in and how it came to be this way, but also prescribes a plan to revert this change for the sake of current and future generations.

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Turning Trash into Gas: The Future of Plasma Gasification

Tons of waste are transported to landfills every day, but plasma gasification aims to change that. Plasma gasification plants convert trash into syngas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) which can then be converted into electricity or fuel, all without producing the harmful byproducts of incineration.

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