Blake Smith

Unsolved Mysteries: The Enigmatic Mechanism of Age-old Antibiotics

Recent studies in the field of microbiology have overturned prior beliefs on the mechanism of action of antibiotics. These findings hold promise for the future development of antibiotic drugs for combatting the rise in superbugs worldwide. But first, the mystery surrounding antibiotics must be solved.

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Using Life’s Code to Rewrite the Genome

A recent study is pushing new frontiers in the field of synthetic biology. Scientists have been able to successfully recode the entire genome of an E. coli bacterium, opening up vast commercial applications for the future of polymers, drug delivery systems, and more.

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The Chemistry Behind Breaking Bad

High school chemistry teacher Walter White uses his scientific know-how to cook crystal meth, defeat his enemies with phosphine gas, blow up buildings using fulminated mercury, and dispose of human bodies in hydrofluoric acid. But how many of these fictional feats would actually be possible and scientifically accurate in real life?

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Mind of the Mob: The Geosimulation of Crowd Control

Novel research simulates crowds using a model that allows agents to think and act autonomously from the rest of the throng. The hope is that such simulations will allow authorities to plan for large-scale events properly and to understand how crowd dynamics work.

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3. 2. 1. Blast off…?

Companies like California-based SpaceX have gradually become more prevalent in the United States — a change that indicates progress toward further outer space exploration.

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