Discovering the History of the Universe

The proposed WFIRST project will measure light emitting from distant supernovas to determine the history of the expansion of the universe. This project hopes to answer important questions about the nature of dark energy and the future of the universe.

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Boundless Potential: Artificial Photosynthesis

Professor Gary Brudvig and his collaborators in the Yale Solar Group are making significant progress researching the conversion of light energy into chemical energy. By applying insights from natural photosynthesis to artificial processes, they are advancing the functionality of photoelectrochemical cells as potential alternative energy technologies.

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A Breakthrough for Quantum Communication

Researchers from Yale University led by Professor Hong Tang have successfully embedded extremely sensitive single-photon detectors on nanophotonic circuits. The advantages of the new single-photon detector include increased detection efficiency, direct integration on the chip, count rates in the gigahertz speed, high temporal resolution, and negligible dark counts.

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