No Need for Neuron Loss?

Professor Marc Hammarlund and Alexandra Byrne of the Yale School of Medicine have discovered that neurons may be regulated separately from age, suggesting that the deterioration of our neurons as we get older may not be inevitable.

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Using Life’s Code to Rewrite the Genome

A recent study is pushing new frontiers in the field of synthetic biology. Scientists have been able to successfully recode the entire genome of an E. coli bacterium, opening up vast commercial applications for the future of polymers, drug delivery systems, and more.

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Metal Fever

Are we running out of metals in this digital era? According to scientists at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology, not exactly – but that’s not actually the important question.

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Robert Needlman ’81, MD ’85: From English to Pediatrics

Dr. Robert Needlman, a pediatrician and professor in Cleveland, Ohio, took a noteworthy path from being an English major at Yale to practicing, teaching, and writing about pediatrics. He is known for updating the classic parenting book “Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care.”

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Connecting People, Policy, and Locusts

With a new grant from the National Science Foundation, Yale Professor Eli Fenichel investigates how nations can sustainably and pragmatically respond to increasingly devastating locust outbreaks.

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