A Genome-Based Attack on the Tsetse Fly

Recently, a team of 146 scientists unraveled the genome of the tsetse fly, the vector of a lethal disease called sleeping sickness. With this new genetic information, many scientists have proposed innovative solutions to protect the 70 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who are affected by this disease.

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Mythbusters: The Cam Jansen Effect

Many people wish they had the memory of fictional detective Cam Jansen, who can remember scenes so vividly and so accurately, it is as if she is looking at a photograph. As amazing as this ability is in helping Cam Jansen solve mysteries, evidence suggests that it is not possible in real life.

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Unsolved Mysteries: The Enigmatic Mechanism of Age-old Antibiotics

Recent studies in the field of microbiology have overturned prior beliefs on the mechanism of action of antibiotics. These findings hold promise for the future development of antibiotic drugs for combatting the rise in superbugs worldwide. But first, the mystery surrounding antibiotics must be solved.

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One Sweet Gene: Exploiting Genes to Keep Us Lean

Recent research on the worm C. elegans reveals a connection between the gene SKN-1, proline, and fat accumulation. In the future, miracle drugs may target these genes to prevent weight gain, even in the condition of a high-sugar diet.

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Seafloor Like Never Before

Using new satellite technology, scientists found a way to map the ocean floor with never-before-seen details. Now, the public has access to a 3D, interactive map of the seafloor, and scientists have access to a wealth of information that will advance their work in various fields.

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