Q&A: How does 3D printing work?

Scientists and non-scientists alike are impressed by 3D printing, especially by how rapidly use of the cutting-edge technology has expanded in recent years. But how exactly do 3D printers work?

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Q&A: What Causes Jet Lag?

Hate that feeling you get the first few days after a long plane ride? Researchers have recently discovered a protein that explains why our bodies take so long to adjust to different time zones.

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Q&A: What Causes Iridescence?

The word “iridescence” comes from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Iridescence is seen throughout nature in feathers, scales, and other objects, but how does it actually work?

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Q&A: Does the Y Chromosome Rot?

Because of its rapid loss of genes over the past 300 million years, scientists have predicted that the Y chromosome may disappear altogether. However, recent studies have shown that the decay may have reached a halt.

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Q&A: Can Plants Grow in Space?

NASA space scientists found that flowers can germinate and grow in a microgravity environment. Their findings suggest that plants can grow on spaceships, and possibly the moon and Mars.

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