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Pop an Aspirin, Protect Your Liver?

In a study led by Dr. Wajahat Mehal, Associate Professor of Digestive Diseases and Immunobiol­ogy, new data suggests that aspirin may reduce liver toxicity induced by a variety of different agents in addition to serving as a general painkiller.

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Schoelkopf Earns Norton Professorship

Since joining the Yale faculty in 1998, Schoel­kopf, newly endowed William A. Norton Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, has focused on quantum computing and nanoscale physics.

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Scientists Receive Grants to Study Ovarian Cancer

In an attempt to improve the survival rate of women suffering from ovarian cancer, Dr. Gil Mor and Dr. Alessandro Santin of the Yale School of Medicine have collectively received over $5 mil­lion in grants to support their promising research.

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