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Magnetism in Small Planets

Image courtesy of Flickr. Within the expansive solar system, there are bodies of numerous types and sizes, and our understanding of them is far from

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How to Detect a Troubled Heart

Despite current knowledge of genetics, identifying patients at risk for genetic forms of heart disease remains difficult. Assistant professor of biomedical engineering Stuart Campbell has developed a method of growing realistic heart tissues from patients’ cells in order to diagnose a family of inherited heart diseases.

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Mapping Perception of Groups

With government and corporations controlling the many aspects of our lives, it’s important to understand how we perceive groups. Professor Joshua Knobe’s latest research attempts to illuminate how we attribute mentalities to group agents in comparison to individuals.

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Strata Rethinks the Barcode

Yale Professor Wenjun Hu is working to develop Strata, a method for encoding barcodes much like QR codes, but with greater flexibility for observers without ideal viewing conditions.

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