Undergraduate Profile

Undergraduate Profile: Parker Liautaud (DC ’16)

Geology & Geophysics major Parker Liautaud (DC ’16) recently returned from a 1600-mile expedition across Antarctica, in which he both set the world record for fastest coast-to-pole trek and collected scientific data that could contribute to a better understanding of the Antarctic climate system.

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Helen Jack, Yale ’12, Oxford ’14

Helen Jack, a recipient of the 2012 Rhodes scholarship, has combined coursework in biology and international studies and hopes to use both areas of expertise to help improve healthcare in Ghana.

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Undergraduate Profile – The iGEM Team

The Yale iGEM team, founded only two years ago, has characterized a novel antifreeze protein produced by the Siberian beetle, research which won them first place in the “Food and Energy” category at the 2011 iGEM World Championships.

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Exploring the World of Science

The Yale Scientific is featuring several unique summer experiences from your fellow undergraduates, who have traveled around the world, working in all areas of science this past summer.

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