Julia Rothchild


The Evolution of the Violin’s Sound

A study conducted by mechanical engineers at MIT probes for answers at the intersection of music and science: what features optimize a violin’s sound? The researchers go further than scientific analysis, suggesting that changes to violinmaking occurred through a process similar to evolution.

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Masters of Light: The Science Behind Nature’s Brightest Colors

Many of nature’s most brilliant colors arise not from pigments, but from curious tricks of light. From the brilliant blue of a morpho butterfly to a beetle’s iridescent emerald, structural colors continue to mystify physicists and biologists. A recently unearthed beetle fossil sheds light on the evolution of these spectacular colors.

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Agency Attacked: Parastoo Hacks the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported recently that one of its servers had been hacked and that the names and contact information of nuclear experts working for the agency had been published online.

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