Restricting the Robotic Arms Race

Robotic warfare is evolving quickly, and it may not be long before robots can kill without humans giving the go-ahead. Wendell Wallach, a lecturer at Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, is lobbying to ban killer robots before they can be deployed.

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Q&A: What Causes Curly Hair?

Genetics may be the cause of curly hair, but researchers at MIT have just recently explored the physics behind why exactly curly hair acts the way it does.

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Good Morning, Mr. Keepon

Professor Brian Scassellati and Daniel Leyzberg of the Yale Social Robotics Lab have discovered that receiving personalized instruction from a robot can be comparable to receiving personalized instruction from a human tutor.

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Q&A: How does 3D printing work?

Scientists and non-scientists alike are impressed by 3D printing, especially by how rapidly use of the cutting-edge technology has expanded in recent years. But how exactly do 3D printers work?

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